Family Tree Initiative is a community based organization registered in 2006 by the Government of Kenya under the ministry of social service. We were given the mandate of working with the less privileged and our niche has been the older persons. On 27th of August 2022 we have planned a medical/ geriatric counseling camp at Nguthuru secondary school, Kandara Sub County in Muranga County.  This we do in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. We also give them foodstuff to take home, clothes, shoes and bedding donated by well-wishers.

The population of Kenya‘s older persons is steadily rising. Care of older persons by relatives and the community has diminished. Most of the geriatric population deals with chronic conditions that require constant care and medication. Items like hearing aids, wheelchairs, visual aids and other necessities are rarely available especially in the rural areas. We have a responsibility towards the elderly to prevent any form of abuse whether physical, emotional, financial or physiological.

The Family Tree initiative aspires to use the geriatric care models to give the elderly quality life in their sunset days. Your assistance will go a long way in strengthening community systems to integrate the elderly in the social fiber.  We are looking for partnerships and collaborators to help us implement our projects.

Our assurance is quality service to the elderly and a transparent process guided by activity planning, budget development and regular reporting.

Please join us on 27th August 2022 as we celebrate our senior citizens.

’One small Step for Man Giant step for Mankind’’

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