Our fourth medical camp is scheduled for Jamuhuri Day
12th December, 2021. Our focus has been Eye sight (Lions club), Blood sugar levels, Blood
pressure and other related issues. During the last camp, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, we were able to offer Covid-19 vaccination to 295 elderly people. This was their first dose due to difficulties in accessing health care facilities. We hope to continue bringing services to the older persons where they are.

We are seeking collaboration with you to help us support this initiative. Our immediate goal is to
establish a center within the community as a contact point. Loneliness is evident in the lives of this
generation. This center will act as an activity hub where these grannies can use their skills to hand make sisal bags, ropes, calabashes, whisks, wooden crockery etc. Our medical camps are quarterly and we do home visits in between but that is not adequate. A center where these men and women can meet and mingle to address psychosocial issues is necessary. Our long term plan is to establish an older person’s home with full accommodation for those who may need that service. Other items like dry food packages,comfortable mattresses, warm beddings, clothing and shoes are in our bucket list during the next medical camp in December.

Your kind support will go a long way in putting a smile on the grannies faces. God Bless You.