On the 25th of April 2021 we held a medical camp at Nguthūrū Secondary school targeting the elderly. The event was a resounding success where 192 men and women most of them above 75 years of age attended.

The medical personnel did a splendid job of diagnosis, treatment and identifying cases that needed further referrals Capwell Industries from Thika came with flour while Le Femme Engineering Services provided traditional beans(Njahī) They also got blankets, masks and other goodies provided by individual well wishers.

There was a counseling session as part of our mental health and wellness campaign. The grannies went home fulfilled and feeling appreciated. Allow me to share a quote from one granny who was literally carried to the event by her grandchild.
” This coming together gives us hope. To think that someone considers the elderly as people of value is amazing. Most of us stay at home desperate and depressed since we do not have a social life”

We thank everybody who made this happen and we look forward to more partnerships as we make this a monthly event.