Family Tree Initiative plays the unique role of identifying the role of culture in the mental health issues affecting community members in contemporary times. Traditionally, there were set rules and regulations that would dictate interaction between community members and their general lifestyle. However, after the onset of urbanisation and westernization, the thread that brought the community together broke. Thus, cases of mental health have been increasing and the consequences have become drastic.  Therefore, our objectives include:

  • Strengthening the family system through counselling in partnership with BriainShe’s counselling services.
  • Educating the community on mental health and helping people with mental health issues. All this is done in tandem with the goal of reducing stigmatization.
  • Strengthening community structures through schools by training teachers to identify children with mental health issues and tracing them back to families for proper management
  • Systematic engagement and partnerships with health facilities, schools, community leaders, and other stakeholders to identify mental health cases that need intervention while giving the appropriate referrals.