Family Tree was founded and registered in 2006 as a community-based organization. While working in the then Maragwa District (now Murang’a County) under the Clinton Foundation, Catherine Wangechi, a qualified counselling psychologist and the current chairperson, and a group of 11 women found a need in the community they were serving.

They noted that the people they were serving, especially the women, needed help beyond the walls of Maragwa District Hospital. They noted that the older women who were left to take care of children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic hardly had any source of income.

Thus, after receiving health care within the hospital setting, they could not fulfil the other relevant aspects of health. For instance, they were unable to give the children a nutritious diet or follow up on all the clinics due to income challenges and other commitments.

Thus, Family Tree was created to help the women manoeuvre their economic challenges while taking care of their new responsibilities. Since then, it has tackled other projects and initiatives that have impacted the larger society and not the female gender only. In this Covid-19 period, Family Tree has found another opportunity to make an impact on the community by focusing on the mental health of the younger generation.

Our Mission

In collaboration with BrainShe Enterprises, Family Tree aims at improving the quality of life at the grassroot level. This goal is being achieved through training, mentorship, counselling, and consultancy. We hope to make more impact by collaborating with the Ministry of Health in order to refer cases that require further expertise and resources.